As a writer:

For debut play ‘This Small Thing’:

“This is a special piece of writing, a beautiful play…it feels completely truthful as well as being constantly surprising.  It is uniquely theatrical and handles its stagecraft superbly”

Jo Combes- as director of new writing at Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre

Praise for ‘Grubby Fingerprints’ (as writer/actor)

“A Cracking piece..Heather Johnson picks lines beautifully”

The Good Review

Praise for ‘As You Like It’

“Heather Johnson is sparkling…all flounce and fun, she plays the part with just the right dose of whimsicality and fiery warmth

What’s on The Fringe

Heather Johnson as Phoebe is charming and funny”

Fourthwall Magazine

re-invents her famous speech, turning it into something original”

A Younger Audience

Praise for ‘Noah’s Ark’:

“The many things which stand out…(include) Heather Johnson’s fine singing.”

The Stage, 5th December 2011

“The detail of the characterisation and movement of the actors is precise and often very amusing”, 6th December 2011

Praise for  ‘The Eight: Reindeer Monologues’:

“There are some remarkable performances from the eight reindeer, including Heather Johnson as a docile, innocent Dancer”

The Stage, 5th November 2010

“…acted with great sensibility, by a cast capable of skipping across the thin line between comedy and tragedy in a question of seconds”

Time Out, November 2010

Praise for my graduation showcase:

“All too often showcases can become predictable affairs and it is a wonderful experience when two performers can make you sit up and take notice. This much was true with Heather Johnson and Tala Gouveia with their firecracker duologue from Roy Williams’ Days of Significance. Both actors kept the tension rising within the scene, which turned on a penny, providing the audience with one of the more satisfying duologues of the afternoon.”

The Stage, 25th June 2010

Praise for ‘No Wonder’ (24/7 Theatre Festival):

“Convincing and absorbing”

The Manchester Review, July 24th, 2009

“Johnson’s strengths lie in her ability to connect with the emotional impact that the event has had on Alison”
The Public Reviews, 22nd July 2009

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