Goodbye Forest of Arden, hello Bush Theatre

Spent the summer with Iris Theatre, who present promenade outdoor Shakespeare in the historic St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden. Had a great time playing the fantastic Phoebe in As You Like It, and despite the rain we got some lovely audiences and reviews.  Here are some photos: As You Like It

I have also just finished a successful night of brand spanking new comedy at the Nursery Festival, from the pen of the very talented Samantha Kissin, Rosie Holt and…me!  Featuring sketches about Dominatrix conventions, whose business is suffering from recession and ‘The Fifty Shades of Grey’ fiasco,  and Harry Potter sexual fantasies, it was met with lots of laughter and kind words from ‘The good Review’: Review- Grubby Fingerprints

Next- I am very excited to be performing a short piece I have written for   Bush Bounce– at The Bush Theatre.  The second event of its kind, it showcases new artists in a variety of media, and is curated by the brilliant Sabrina Mahfouz.    I will perform a 15 minute monologue based on the idea of how we negotiate identity in today’s multi-choice, technology-obsessed world

It is called ‘Caterpillar’, and it has some funny bits, some sad bits and some nice sounding chimes.

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Writer’s Avenue Fil Launch at Soho Theatre

This Tuesday, 29th May, I am performing a mystery scene from a recent British film., as part of Writer’s Avenue Film Launch, which will showcase a reading from Aml Ameen’s ‘The Code’ starring Noel Clarke. Come down 3-6pm and guess the scene!

Lots of fun to be had with interactive film games, announcements and networking!

For Tickets:

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New poem

Lately, Things Have.

I woke this morning and it had gone

Where before one silver starfish had clung

To my left ear, was a hole like a jaw drop

Punchdrunk shocked at its sudden loss

On my right wrist are stitched the co-ordinates of a once broken bone

This. Is. How. We. Map. Out. Our. Losses.


On a North bound bridge

The murals of kids- all yolk yellow sunshine and sandpits-

Are lost by sprayed verbs that riot every quiet corner.

Up against such walls I felt I knew

the adjective of spine but lost its noun.


Half smoked smokes lighthouse the night path

Of the common cum graveyard.

Words on the go

Slip away like the graveyard playground’s swings

Carry voices in the wind.

Lost reception on the mobile phone

So you’ll never know how I told you in low tones

“I’m sorry for calling so often,

I missed you and cried in public”


Next to our house in the middle of the street

The broken brick flapping heap next door

Makes our road a startled bracelet torn


Dusk creeps fledgling on, until:

Particles stop behaving as particles

and start behaving as waves.


Later. Primrose buds and magnoilia

Emulsion grips the balcony.

Rain grows sinewy.

And we seem

To bubble and froth apart

Like tarmac under heat

When you return home late

And shake your starfish wet hair over me.

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All Aboard The Ark

Just finished a three week run of ‘Noah’s  Ark’ at the “wonderful” (says Joanna Lumley) Blue Elephant Theatre.  Fantastic reviews from the press and, more importantly, the children who came to see it.  Future projects alreday in the pipeline…  Playing the violin, singing, and playing several different animals was a great challenge.  Audio clips to follow…

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Some Scary Stories at Manchester Royal Exchange



Into the final week of rehearsal for ‘Some Scary Stories’ at Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre Studio (Monday 31st Oct and Tuesday 1st Nov, 7.30pm) 

I feel very lucky to be working with accomplished director Gemma Fairlie on Claire Urwin’s unique, savagely beautiful new script.  A real gem.  But be warned, it is dark and spooky and I have turned into a twisted teenager for the next two weeks…

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My First Music Gig

Played my first gig tonight at the Tin Tabernacle in Kilburn.  Accompanying the folk band Finisterre on violin and voice, we played a variety of traditional folk tunes in this atmospheric venue.  Also playing were Alan Johnson (keyboard, guitar, voice) and Alison Magennis (Mandolin, guitar, whistle, voice).

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‘Ad It

I was very pleased with my writing debut, beautifully performed and produced by all invloved.  Now in the process of writing a short sitcom for some scratch nights, and a mockumentary.  Watch this space…

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Woo, Let’s ‘AVE It (my writing gets staged!)

Very excited that a piece of my writing, which explores what happens on a night out in a London club, is being performed on Saturday July 9th, under the direction of Natalie Ibu as part of the ‘Coming Up Later’ Festival..  ” ‘AVE IT ” is at London’s Old Vic Tunnels, near Waterloo station, 9.30pm till late. Tickets are FREE.

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‘Workin Process…’

I was invited to join Iris Theatre Company for their production of ‘Workin Process’– an evening of brand new dramatic verse from an array of exciting new writers.

A furious couple of days’ rehearsal culminated in a performance in the grounds of ‘The Actor’s Church’, Covent Garden.  Great to work with a fantastic company, whose current production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is garnering enthusiastic reviews.

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Empire State Of Mind

Just returned from New York and, despite the jet lag, still full of adrenalin from such an inspiring week, having met so many talented young practitioners in a truly energising city.

After days of workshops, broadway and subway rides, our showcase at the Vineyard played to a packed audience, including none other than Mr David Schwimmer!  Our piece- ‘Talking of Michelangelo’ by Sabrina Mahfouz was set in a South London launderette on Royal Wedding day.   It was a LAFF. Schwimmer loved it.


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